Online Dating Safety Tips and Advice

  • 11/30/2012
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If you want to find comprehensive guides for online dating safety, the internet has more to offer. There are various sites that are created to ensure online dating safety and security while providing the proper ways on how to meet your special someone. There are more specific online dating safety tips and advice from different websites that will teach you how to be successful in dating online.

Since it will be the first time that you are going to see each other, you have to make a good impression. You must consider being the best person in front of your online partner without compromising other factors around you. But do not get so excited for you have to ensure that you will stay safe throughout the date. Even if you have been partners for a long period of time, you still have to ensure your safety and security.

The following tips for online dating safety will help you a lot to have the perfect date:

Protect Your Finances

Do not accept any request for sending money, most especially if it is by wire transfer or overseas. Wiring money is same as sending cash wherein the sender does not have protection for loss and it is nearly impossible to trace the money or reverse the transaction once it has been made.

Secure Your Online Access and Personal Information

Be careful in sharing more personal information like full name, email, permanent address, or phone number. Your online dating safety depends on how you control your information. It is your choice to stay anonymous until you are ready to reveal vital personal information. Be careful in accessing your personal account from any shared or public computers to prevent others from viewing or recording your personal info or passwords.

Meet in Public

When meeting for the first time, you have to meet in public places or locations. Avoid remote or private location and never at the apartment or home of your date. If your date starts pressuring you, you have to end your date and leave.

Tell a Friend

For additional online dating safety, you have to inform your family or friends about your plans and where you are going. Leave them with the verifiable information about your date such as phone number, address and other details. Always bring a mobile phone with you as part of your online dating safety.

Online dating safety is very important so you must consider these tips and advice carefully. Never trust a person easily even if you’ve been exchanging phone calls or email. Online dating is fun yet risks are always there so it is better to be safe at all times.

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    Nov 30, 2012 Stef says:

    I always tell my friends before I am going to meet someone I know from an online chat. Choosing a public place is also kind of obvious, since it is nicer to drink a cup of coffee together or grab something to eat outside than meeting at someones apartment. That could be really creepy...

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